How to escape mistakes in your log book


Customer Success Specialist


Mistakes happen; but they shouldn't be something that is a constant headache for busy veterinary practices when it comes to controlled drug logging.

VetSnap takes that headache away, by automating the logging and tracking of controlled drug use, and catching any mistakes immediately and alerting you to make the needed correction.

Common mistakes in paper log books:

  • Logbook missing information required by federal DEA regulations
  • Not logging usage
  • Failure to have 2 signatures on wasted drug
  • Not tracking change history (closed system tracking)
  • Failure to record biennial inventory count
  • Failure to document schedule of drug

This list is a short list of MANY mistakes commonly found with paper log books.

So what is the solution? This is where VetSnap steps up and takes that headache away, by ensuring everything pertaining to controlled drugs while using their digital controlled drug log is federally DEA compliant. Everything from receiving stock to the end of the container's life, every single thing is documented and readily available to give to the DEA, should there ever be an audit.

Mistakes can be costly, but most can be avoided. Ease the worry of possible mistakes with a digital controlled drug log that tracks everything for you and ensures DEA compliance.

Learn how you too can reduce stress, save time, and stay compliant with VetSnap!

VetSnap is the first DEA compliant digital controlled drug log software with error checking and auto-reconciliation to your PIMS records.


We love VetSnap, it was easy to learn and easy to reconcile. The time it saves from actual paper logs is amazing! My staff is able to be utilized much more in the capacity of Licensed Technicians instead of being tied to the log book for a few hours/week. We LOVE it!!

Teri, Practice Manager, Lincoln, NE