Top 3 reasons to log your controlled drugs digitally




Stop dreading having to do reconciliation by yourself and get the help you deserve and can rely on


Vetsnap has made drug reconciliation much more efficient by flagging mismatched invoices on a daily basis. There’s no more having to go through each patient record to check the accuracy of the logs.

Nichole, LVT, Terre Haute, IN

  • VetSnap reviews your log entries nightly and compares to your practice management records to find potential mistakes

Ensure that anyone logging can keep records complete, accurate, and compliant

  • There is a lot of information that you need to include with every single log entry, including patient, client, and drug (down to specific containers) (
  • Each step takes minutes to do on a paper log, and is error prone. VetSnap turns minutes into seconds and ensures things are filled out accurately using existing PIMS data, and following the correct guidelines

VetSnap is straight forward, accurate, links directly with our PIMS and best of all, we aren’t deciphering handwriting like before. VetSnap also saves us hours, which helps us get back to what we do best - caring for our patients. We are never going back to paper logs!

Sarah, Operations Manager, Laurel, Maryland

Consolidate multiple logbooks in your hospitals under one balance and access them anywhere

  • Stop keeping separate paper logs that need to be reconciled together, and start seeing your entire hospital’s on hand quantity by individual containers in real time

I would like to say how much time this program has saved on a day to day basis. Our techs are now easily able to enter information in the log from multiple stations, and our surgical techs can record from the surgical area and not have to find time to go to the pharmacy and write in the books.

Donnie, Veterinary Assistant, Scott Twp, PA

  • If you have mobile practices or want to work from home to tidy by your logs, you’re now able to do this without removing your physical logbook from the hospital

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Learn how you too can reduce stress, save time, and stay compliant with VetSnap!

VetSnap is the first DEA compliant digital controlled drug log software with error checking and auto-reconciliation to your PIMS records.


We love VetSnap, it was easy to learn and easy to reconcile. The time it saves from actual paper logs is amazing! My staff is able to be utilized much more in the capacity of Licensed Technicians instead of being tied to the log book for a few hours/week. We LOVE it!!

Teri, Practice Manager, Lincoln, NE