Practice Success

"Like many other practices, Mountain View has experienced unprecedented double digit growth in recent years, and staff have been stretched thin. Controlled drug management has always been a pain and source of frustration for both hospital owners and staff.

Using the VetSnap Controlled Log Book, we have reduced overall time spent on recording and reconciling controlled drugs by half. Learning the software was simple and straightforward for the staff. PIMS integration enabled us to catch and correct mistakes in real time, resulting in the reduction of errors to 0%"

Peter G. Pelissier, DVM

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Sheridan, WY

Mountain View

"VetSnap is a safety net with the reliability of a permanent marker. With a multi-doctor practice like ours, it is a way to more accurately track drug usage safely, and with accountability. Sometimes, what's in the log book wasn't matching invoices, but VetSnap made matching quick and reliable. Not to mention, you're not worrying about water or coffee spilling on your logbook, or pages flying out/missing. My records are all there, accurate, safe, and secure. We're also more confident we're not losing money on an invoice because VetSnap highlights missing controlled drugs on invoices.

With VetSnap, I'm logging my drugs as I'm entering my charges in the computer system, saving up to 10 minutes per patient. I feel like with everything that we have happening on a daily basis, if you can write even one less thing in the day, just do it. You can't put a price tag on the time savings and peace of mind."

Allie Martin, DVM

Pinebrook Animal Hospital
Park City, UT



"VetSnap is the digital teammate I can trust to get it done right! Like most hospitals, our patient base has increased and as I’ve gotten busier there’s less time than ever to reconcile logs. VetSnap has made it so much easier to reconcile our drug logs; no more searching the codes in our PIMS, looking for lost papers, or having “did we / didn’t we” moments. With VetSnap, what used to take me 40 minutes now takes less than 5, and I’m back on the floor dedicating my time to doing what matters: taking care of our clients and patients."

Brandon Angelone, Practice Manager

Maitland Animal Hospital
Maitland, FL